Airline Transport Pilot Licence


The course is open to candidates who have successfully passed the entry screening/selection process. The integrated ATPL course minimizes the training time and therefore its cost to students as a result of the connection between its constituent parts. The integrated ATPL course lasts at least 18 months, the maximum duration is limited to 36 months from the beginning.

Integrated ATPL Course Contents

  • ATPL level theoretical instruction (ATPL theory, aviation English, instrument flying theory and others)
  • Basic glider training (optional)
  • Flight training in single- and multi-engine aircraft and a simulator, including upset recovery training (simulator and aerobatic airplane)
  • Competency Based Training
  • Psychologic couching for personal development (leadership, communication skills, decision making and stress resilience)

We also offer a tailor-made integrated course “ATPL All Inclusive” with no further investment. Compared to the standard ATPL program, the ATPL All Inclusive contains:

  • Basic glider training (6 hours with an instructor including the flight preparation)
  • Psychologic couching (40 hours) – team cooperation, conflict resolution, pilot career preparation and airline screening preparation
  • Exams including administrative fees and formalities: radio telephonist licence, PPL(A) exam, final CPL(A) exam at CAA (civil aviation authority)
  • Accommodation at the practical training site (should the training take place out of Prague)

The type rating is not part of the course. However, you can enrol in it after successful completion of the ATPL course.

The type rating training on the type of a particular airline (unless organized and paid for by the airline) consists of the following:

  • Theoretical instruction – ground school: approximately 8 days of classroom instruction and self-study
  • Flight training: approximately 46 flight hours in a simulator (FFS or FTD)
  • Aircraft flight training (Base Training) made of 6 landings
  • Final skill test