Airline Transport Pilot Licence with Boeing 737-NG Type Rating and Base Training



SKYVAX/CATC offers ATPL (A) Plus together with Type Rating and Base Training(737-800)!

For those interested in a Professional career pilot of an airliner, we offer the option to choose Integrated ATPL (A) Plus (Airline Transport Pilot License). This is initial training program, so no previous experience with flying is needed. The aim of the training is to obtain a commercial pilot qualification for civil aviation with type rating on one of the following types of aircraft: B737 NG. The successful completion of the training is a CPL (A) with ME / IR qualifications, an MCC course and a type rating. The integrated ATPL (A) meets the requirements of FCL.


Criteria for entry into the ATPL (A) Plus program:

  • Age at least 17 years of age
  • At least secondary education completed by a school-leaving examination
  • Knowledge of English at least at ICAO level 4 (CATC may provide additional English training if necessary)
  • Medical 1 – medical certificate from an authorized health center – To be submitted after successfully passing entry screening
  • Clear criminal record
  • Successful completion of screening before the start of the training


ATPL (A) Plus training includes:

  • Theoretical instruction (PPL and ATPL theory, Air English ), Instrument flying theory.
  • Practical training on both single and multi-engine aircraft and flight simulator, training includes, besides basic training, navigation flights, night flights, also the training of unusual flight positions – UPRT – on an acrobatic aircraft
  • Psychological training for personal development, leadership, communication skills, decision-making and handling of workload
  • Take a total of 200 flight hours during the course, including 115 hours of IFR, 81 hours of PIC and SPIC, 16 hours of MEP and 15 hours of MCC. (crew interoperability training)
  • In addition, you will get an additional 60-70 hours (depending on the aircraft type) on the Flight Simulator during the type training
  • 6 takeoffs and landings on real aircraft of the given type


  • Basic glider training
  • 40 hours extra sessions of psych-diagnostic preparation with a qualified psychologist


Skyvax/CATC training is conducted by instructors – active professional pilots with years of experience whom are training you in accordance with current practices, habits and requirements of today’s civil aviation. An integral part of the ATPL Plus program is type training for airplanes. All training is planned to be as effective as possible, that is, to be completed in the shortest possible time, the expected duration of the training is 19 months